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Let Your Skills Shine at FUN88 Poker

Let Your Skills Shine at FUN88 Poker

Let your skills shine and manage your cards strategically
to encourage your competitors to draw their cards. 

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Poker Basics for Newbie Players 

Everybody’s got to start somewhere.
And if you are still a
Poker Online 88 beginner,
you must get familiar with the basics. 

〉The Poker88 game moves clockwise. 

〉Button – This is the round disk that shifts one seat
to the left after the end of each hand round. 

〉Dealer – The one in charge of the button
and responsible for drawing cards for each player. 

〉Hole Cards – These are the two cards the dealer deals
with each player. These cards are facing down.

Poker Basics for Newbie Players

Poker Basics for Newbie Players

〉Community Cards – These are the five cards dealt face down
at the table during the
Poker game. 

〉Showdown – This is the ending where players will reveal
their cards to define the winner. 

〉Player Options – Check (pass and make no bet),
Call (bet the same amount as the last player), Raise (increase the bet amount),
and Fold (quit the game round).

Top Choices for Poker88 from FUN88 

FUN88 Poker can be Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, or Super 10.
It can be overwhelming to learn all of them so let’s start with the top choices.

〉Texas Hold’em – The most popular Poker88 type

→Each player will get 2 hole cards with 5 community cards (facing up).  

Top Choices for Poker88 from FUN88

Top Choices for Poker88 from FUN88

→Community cards are for all players.
They must create the highest possible
hands using
their 2 hole cards and any 3 community cards. 

→The player also has the option to use 1 of his hole cards
plus any 4 community cards if it will deliver the highest
FUN88 Poker hands. 

→The one with the highest hand rank is the winner. 

〉Omaha – The second most popular Poker type

→It is similar to Texas Hold’em, only a bigger version.

→Each player will get 4 hole cards along with 5 community cards.

→The goal is to come up with the best hand rank
using 5 cards from 2 hole cards and 3 community cards. 

→The betting will go on until the showdown
or if individual showdowns are requested by any player. 

Popular Poker Choice - Omaha

Popular Poker Choice – Omaha

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